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About Beachy Boutique

Lake Kiowans Along With Cooke & Grayson County Residents No Longer Have To Drive Long Distances For Great Fashion, Shoes, Jewelry, Foodies, Greeting Cards, Gifts & More!  

6562 F.M. 902 Is The New Place To Shop In Lake Kiowa, TX

Lake Kiowa, TX -- BEACHY BOUTIQUE, located at 6562 F.M. 902 in Lake Kiowa, is a unique retail shop, giving the lake community and surrounding areas trendy fashion, unique gifts, custom jewelry, shoes, & delicious foodies.

BEACHY BOUTIQUE has an eclectic mix of fashion brands for the young, active and progressive shopper looking for something new and unique at an affordable price.

What makes BEACHY BOUTIQUE different from other boutique shops is that many of the partnering vendors ‘Give Back’ percentages of their sales to: provide free meals (Bella Tunno) & (GoodWorks Jewelry) with 25% of profits donated to charitable organizations supporting in-need communities around the world. 

BEACHY BOUTIQUE is open Monday - Saturday with Personal Shopping Service & Gift Wrapping. Call (940) 612-1010 for more information.